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Tech Out Your Run - Page 5

5. Ditch the Headphones Altogether
Or, you can really reach the cutting edge of modern sound technology through another company’s innovative take on bone-conduction tech.

  • Cynaps Bone Conduction Cap
    $79; www.maxvirtual.com
    This breathable, moisture-wicking running cap delivers tunes through a module buried inside the hat itself, negating the need altogether for headphones. Amazingly, through its bone-conduction technology, it still keeps music relegated to the listening pleasure of the wearer alone. It adjusts easily to fit a variety of head sizes with a hook-and-loop closure at the back. The battery and control panel, which are tucked inside of the brim of the cap, are small—but not negligibly so. It’ll sync up with your phone or Bluetooth. The only downside, of course, is that if you get tired of wearing a cap, you can no longer listen to your music.


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