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So You Want to be a Trail Runner

Six tips to get you hooked on off-road running

My first trail run, along the Mesa Trail in Boulder, Colorado’s Chataqua Park, was not what ...


Photo by Joe Bloggs

My first trail run, along the Mesa Trail in Boulder, Colorado’s Chautauqua Park, was not what you would call poetry in motion. Donning bright yellow track shoes, I tore out, quickly rolled an ankle and limped home. I solicited advice from a trail-running friend, who, after a good laugh over my flimsy ribbon-paper shoes, furnished me with a simple gear list and said, “Listen to your body, eat right and run safely.”

The following six tips will help make your first trail runs successful.  As you feel more adventurous and your runs become longer and more challenging, quiz experienced trail comrades and learn from your mistakes.

Appreciate The Trail Advantage
Trail runners, preferring the rush of a swift river or the hush of mountain moonlight to the honk and roar of traffic, are attracted to off-road routes’ natural settings. Not only mentally refreshing and de-stressing, trails are less physically punishing than their concrete counterparts.


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