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Ski Walking and Bounding for Trail Runners

While skiers use it as off-season training, ski bounding builds strong trail runners too.

  • Ski bounding imitates classic (traditional) ski technique.
  • It can be done with or without poles, but poles allow better arm and core workouts.
  • Use poles that are a few inches below your armpit.
  • Look for a hill that you would run rather than hike in a race.
  • First try ski walking: Take a very long step forward -- the proper stride is half that length.
  • Walk up the hill using your poles to assist you (the opposite arm and leg go forward together just as in running). Your shoulders should be rounded forward, for an athletic skier-like stance.
  • Next, add an explosive uphill jump, or bound, off each foot.

You can add interval and fartlek workouts (carry your poles on a trail run and ski bound on gentle to moderate uphills). For steeper hills, use ski walking.


Hill Training on Skis

Nelson recommends the following workout once a week, either on AT or cross-country gear.

  • Warm up with an easy ski for 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Find a steep hill that will allow for high-heart rate skiing while maintaining good technique.
  • Ski at nearly maximum effort for threeto four minutes.
  • Ski easy, preferably on gentle terrain, until you near full recovery. Repeat.
  • Begin with three to five repeats and increase reps each week depending on your training goals.
  • Cool down with an easy 30-minute ski.


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