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Hyperlite Mountain Gear Echo II Shelter System

Hyperlite Mountain Gear Echo II Shelter System

$620, 1 lb 14 oz inc guy lines (no stakes), www.hyperlitemountaingear.com

Tested in development by several long-trail aficionados, this sleek system—which includes a main tarp, front storm "beak"/vestibule and inner insert—constructed of super-light, durable cuben fiber, tips the scales at under two pounds, and offers all the functionality of a standard tent. For less buggy and wet environments, consider ditching the insert, for a cool-shaped, wind-and-rain-shedding, floorless shelter of 14.6 ounces. Testers found that beefy long stakes held best for end and front and rear side guy lines. Drawbacks are its low head room and an open "foot" end that can allow in rain or snow; pitch with the your head into the wind.


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