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Don't Miss DIRT: The Trail-Running Life!

The special edition of Trail Runner comes out in March



We're excited to announce the upcoming release of our second annual edition of DIRT: The Trail Running Life.

Think of this as our "coffee-table edition"—a thick, journal-style issue jam-packed with stories that celebrate the vibrant, diverse trail-running community. Printed on archival paper and perfect bound, DIRT aims to inspire trail runners everywhere with the very best in-depth writing and photography from the leading voices of our sport.

Last year, our inaugural edition of DIRT explored the colorful culture of the Hardrock 100; the storied history of Alaska's Mount Marathon race; the lives of the characters in Born to Run, five years after the book's publication; and much, much more.

This year, DIRT will have even more great stories about the people, places and races that matter to our sport. Here's a sampling of what to expect:


  • Jenn Shelton recounts a lifetime of adventures with Billy "Bonehead" Barnett, from Virginia Beach to the pages of Born to Run to Hawaii's HURT 100

  • Rickey Gates and Scott Jurek experience Great Britain's rich fell-running tradition and tackle the legendary Bob Graham Round

  • How Chattanooga transformed itself from a depressed, post-industrial ghost town into trail-running's best-kept secret

  • Finding adventure on (and off) Sweden's historic King's Trail

  • An inside look at Switzerland's iconic Sierre-Zinal race and the mountain-running professor who founded it

  • Tennessee's infamous Barkley Marathons, also known as "The Race That Eats Its Young"

  • The Burning Man Ultramarathon, a 50K one runner described as "like any other ultramarathon run on a desert planet inhabited by insane, colorful aliens"

  • How Nolan's 14, a brutal Colorado mountain run, became the Holy Grail of FKTs


DIRT will be available on newsstands on March 19, 2015. Subscribers to Trail Runner will receive their copy of DIRT (in lieu of what otherwise would have been our April issue) that week or earlier. Subscribe now to get DIRT, a $10 value, included with your subscription.

We look forward to bringing you this beautiful edition!


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