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Olga King Monday, 10 February 2014 15:47 TWEET COMMENTS 2

A Trail Runner’s Love Story

How two avid runners met, connected with and courted one another on the trails

Photo courtesy of Olga King

Editors’ Note: Happy Valentine’s Day, Trail Runner readers! This week, we share a story submitted to us by Olga King—originally for last June’s Blog Symposium—in response to the prompt “Tell about someone awesome you met on the trails.”

There are many awesome, special people whom life has allowed me to meet because I began trail running. The people who find their passion in this sport are incredible, and when you meet them, open your heart and share your pains (not just physical ones), the bond can last forever. I can list all the "famous" folks who have become wonderful friends over the last 12 years, I can list my crazy and committed running partners, but the most awesome person I have met is the one who chose to spend his life with me. And we met, quite literally, on the trails.

There is this little race, Zane Grey 50, that is my favorite of all 50s I've done. I had run it in 2006 and had an amazing time, proving to myself that I am good at exactly these kind of things—crazy tough races with terrain and elements that put many folks down. I decided to come back in 2007. There was this guy—Larry King—who read my blog, and introduced himself before the race. We shook hands, and then, at mile 3, he passed me. I passed him again at mile 25, and that was it, the history, a normal thing, a thing that happens to each of us every time we go on a trail.

We were both married at the time, and from time to time would check into each other’s blogs. Something he once wrote touched me, and it felt that he was seeking support during a dark time in his life. I was in my own dark days, so I reached out and told him to hold on. Turns out, there was a reason we felt such a sudden connection. Those dark times were of the same proportion for both of us; we both happened to be ending our respective 18-year marriages.


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