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Q&A with Fall Trophy Series Leaders - Page 4

Jeff Smucker, 47, Woodward, PA
4 races, 57.2 miles, 218.8 points
Currently in first place for Male Non-Ultra 40-49 Age Group

Smucker takes an icy plunge at the Mile Run Trail Challenge. Photo by William Hagaman.

How long have you been trail running?
Just over three years.

How many miles a week do you typically run?
30-50 miles, depending on the time of year.

Whats your favorite pre-race meal? Aid station food? Post-run snack?
Pre-race: Spaghetti
Aid-station: Watermelon, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Ramen
Post-run: Chocolate Milk or Vanilla Ice Cream

What do you do when youre not running?
Technology Director of local school district, High School girls' soccer coach (makes getting in miles in the fall difficult), family includes wife and 3 kids aged 15-20 (my 17 year-old daughter has fallen in love with trail running also and joins me on training runs and at races)

Whats been your favorite Trophy Series race this year, and why?
I'm always torn between the Hyner Challenge and the Rothrock Challenge. Both feature killer climbs, lots of rocks and steep downhills, all of which I love. I also like the fact that they are primarily single-track.

What running-related goals do you have?
My brother and I plan running vacations every year or so. This past January we ran the Badwater Course over four days. Next spring we are looking to do a similar four day excursion on one of the Caribbean Islands.  In 2015 we are looking to run the Comrades Marathon.


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