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Q&A with Fall Trophy Series Leaders - Page 3

Chris Coulston, 45, Erie, PA
7 races
Currently in first place for Male Most Races Run

Coulston running the Glacier Ridge Ultra 50K in 2012. Photo by Kwatee Stamm.

How long have you been trail running?
I started trail running 3 years ago in order to add some variety to my endurance mountain biking training. Last year I did a few great events in the fall - enjoying the great variety of events and locations. This year I decided to switch to trail running full-time. So I guess you could say that this is really my first full year of trail running.

How many miles a week do you typically run?
Like most of the runners I know, I have a busy life outside of trail running. Consequently, I try to get the most benefit for the least amount of training.  I run, on average one hour a day, six days a week.  During the week, I'll have two hard workouts (one interval and one tempo), plus a race on the weekend.  This formula seems to keep me safe from burn-out and fast enough to be competitive in my age group.

What’s your favorite pre-race meal? Aid station food? Post-run snack?
I try to get a lot of protein before a race in the form of 1/2 cup of Ezekiel cereal with 1/4 cup of Greek yogurt.  On the way to the race I'll sip on an sports drink (currently I favor Infinit Nutrition).  During last year's Oil Creek 100K I discovered the magic of chicken noodle soup—the extra protein keep my tummy happy and legs pumping.  I know its sounds horrible, but I reward myself for completing an ultra by pigging down disgusting greasy hamburger, fries and super-sized cola.

What do you do when you’re not running?
I am Chairperson of the Computer Science and Software Engineering department at Penn State Erie.

What’s been your favorite Trophy Series race this year, and why?
I'ts not really a fair question, because each race has its own character, crafted by the imagination of its race directors.  But the Hyner View Trail Challenge epitomizes everything that is wonderful about the PA wilds.  It has absolutely lung searing ascents, amazing vistas, four seasons of weather in once race, tight quite, almost intimate, single track, never-ending break-your-ankle technical rock gardens, all capped by a great party at the finish line with hundreds of new friends.

What running-related goals do you have?
Run more, see more, experience more.  With the growth in the popularity of trail running, there is an explosion of great new events for runners to participate in. It’s a great time to be involved in this sport.


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