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2012 Trail Runner Trophy Series Standings - Page 3

Ultra Division

Women’s ultra leader Michele Hartwig of Lakewood, Illinois, pulled into first (she is now tied with Burlington, Washington’s Shawna Tompkins) after a first-place finish at the Coyote Springs 100. Hartwi says that despite record heat levels, 30- to 70-mile-per-hour winds and blistering sandstorms, she had a blast. “All of the obstacles of the day made my finish that much more rewarding,” says Hartwig. Next up for the Illinois ultrarunner is Lean Horse and Mark Twain 100.

The men’s division is also currently tied for first place: Jeremy Bradford of Denver, Colorado, and Nicholas Davis of Fort Collins, Colorado, both have 400 points after almost three months of racing. Davis, surprised about his current first-place standing, said the Badger Mountain Challenge 100 in Southeastern, Washington, is his season highlight so far. Davis, 23, was second in 21:59. He says, “It was a demanding race, with a lot of off-trail bushwhacking and frigid, driving rain in the early miles, but I used that as motivation to finish faster!”

Women’s Leaderboard:

1. Michele Hartwig, 45, Lakewood, Illinois, and Shawna Thompkins, 40, Burlington, Washington (400 points)

2. Megan Hall, 23, Oak Harbor, Washington (300 points)

3. Beiyi Zheng, 48, Broomfield, Colorado (285.7 points)

Men’s Leaderboard

1. Jeremy Bradford, 34, Denver, Colorado, and Nicholas Davis, 23, Fort Collins, Colorado (400 points)

2. Daniel Kuhlmann, 28, Tacoma, Washington (331.1 points)

3. Michael Miller, 50, Glendale, Arizona (300 points)

“What a great year this is starting out to be for trail running,” says Bradford. “After a long cold winter of running the trails in and around Golden, Colorado, I couldn’t be more excited that a new trail-racing season is upon us. I look forward to the many adventures that the trails will undoubtedly hold for us all this summer. Good luck to everyone racing in 2012.”

For complete standings, to enter and just find out more about the 2012 Trail Runner Trophy Series presented by GORE-TEX, visit our Trophy Series page, by clicking here.


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