Figuring Ultramarathon Pace

Typically I run a six-minute mile for a 10K and a seven-minute pace for a marathon. I would like to run a 100K. ...


Drop Bag Savvy

Can you explain how "drop bags" work. For example, is there a standard type bag and what do you put in it? ...



Keep the Pace

A pacer can make or break your next ultra

I had my work cut out for me when the runner, Eva, I paced at last summer's Western States 100-miler showed up ...


How Long Is Long Enough?

Ask the Coach

I've heard conflicting information about long training runs for a 100-miler. Some feel that seven-plus hours or ...


First 50-Miler

How to bump up from the marathon or 50K distance

If you have been curious about taking the leap from 26.2 or 31 miles (50K) to 50 miles, figuring out how to train ...

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