Walk, Don't Run

How hiking can speed up your trail runs

Do you think walking is anathema to trail running? You're plain wrong. ...

Trail Tips

Is Tight Right?

Ask the Coach

Do compression socks actually aid in recovery or are they just a passing fad? ...

Trail Tips

Acing Aid Stations

Use them to speed up your next race


Trade LSD for Speed

Get out of your comfort zone to run faster

Trail runners are notorious for their addiction to LSD: Long, Slow Distance. After all, logging lots of miles ...

Trail Tips

Translating Snowshoeing

Ask the Coach

Many trail runners also snowshoe run and race. Would it improve my trail-running times?

Trail Tips

Physiology Lessons

Four sure-fire ways to become a faster trail runner

One of the great things about trail running is that in its simplicity of putting one foot in front of the other ...

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