First 50-Miler

How to bump up from the marathon or 50K distance

If you have been curious about taking the leap from 26.2 or 31 miles (50K) to 50 miles, figuring out how to train ...


Hill Therapy

How to train for trail-running's ups and downs

The feel of your heart pounding in your chest at the top of a hill attests to the conditioning hills provide for ...

Trail Tips

Gone to the Dogs

How to deal with threatening canine encounters

Suddenly bursting through a thicket, some 15 feet to our right, was a black-and-white spotted dog, baring its teeth ...

Trail Tips

Trail Racing 101

Top tips for beginner racers and those looking to move up from 10K to the marathon

You wouldn't go to a business meeting in sandals, or to a cocktail party in Nikes ...


Going Solo

Experience the exhilaration of a self-supported ultra

To experience an ultra on a new level, try going solo—no pacers, no aid stations ...

Trail Tips

Potty Talk

Ask the Coach

What is the etiquette for bathroom use in the middle of a trail race? ...

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