Turning Down the Heat

How to avoid heat-induced illnesses

On an 86-degree day in Fort Benning, Georgia, sports-medicine doctor Wade Lillegard was watching military troops ...

Trail Tips

Have a Heart

Boost your performance by training in "The Zones"


Treasure Hunt

Grab a GPS and go geocaching

Annie Love, 29, runs briskly along her favorite loop trail around Seattle's Green Lake then suddenly veers off ...

Trail Tips

Even Keel

A slow start and even pacing is the secret to coming out ahead

After 25 years of training athletes, I have determined trail runners' number-one mistake (drum roll please...) ...


Inclination for Speed

Run uphill like the pros

To capture last year's U.S. Mountain Running Championship title at Mount Washington, Eric Blake ran the equivalent ...


The Fabulous 4 (Minutes)

The short-intense-workout that delivers

Many great things have come from Japan, but one invention outshines them all—Tabata training. ...

Trail Tips
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