Ask the Coach: Avoid that Breathless Feeling

For the first mile or so of my runs, I feel tired and out of breath, and my heart rate is high.

Ask the Coach

To Pee or Not to Pee

If you're serious about making time, let `er rip

Trail Tips

Turning Down the Heat

How to avoid heat-induced illnesses

On an 86-degree day in Fort Benning, Georgia, sports-medicine doctor Wade Lillegard was watching military troops ...

Trail Tips

Have a Heart

Boost your performance by training in "The Zones"


Treasure Hunt

Grab a GPS and go geocaching

Annie Love, 29, runs briskly along her favorite loop trail around Seattle's Green Lake then suddenly veers off ...

Trail Tips

Even Keel

A slow start and even pacing is the secret to coming out ahead

After 25 years of training athletes, I have determined trail runners' number-one mistake (drum roll please...) ...

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