10K Training Guide

A top coach's advice to maximize performance


Become One with the Cold

Trail running just gets good with the plummeting temps and slippery slush

Gearing Up

Trail Stability

Prevent injury and run better with a strong core

Core strengthening" has become a catch phrase in the fitness and running world. There is no shortage of ...

Trail Tips

Women's Trail Safety

Ask the Coach

I run on trails that are not heavily populated and, as a woman, worry about my safety. How should female runners protect ...


Suffocating Sunscreen

Ask the Coach

I slathered on some sweat-proof, hypo-allergenic, SPF 45 sunblock and felt smothered. What gives?

Trail Tips

Too Much of a Good Thing

How to know if you're overtraining

It was a crisp autumn day, the kind made for finding peace, and even though I was standing at the trailhead, I had zero desire to run. ...

Trail Tips
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