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Sticking to your training program and consistently doing weekly long runs is the best way to convince your mind you can and will run 50 miles. It also helps to expect the inevitable. The longer the run, the more chances you have to feel bad. As long as you know a low point will come, it's easier to deal with mentally and not let it knock you off track.

Matt Hart head coach of CoachingEndurance.com. He's also a professional ultrarunner, with 50-mile wins at Devil's Backbone 50, Big Horn 50 and Mount Hood PCT 50.


First-Time 50s

:: Rocky Raccoon 50-Miler, Huntsville, TX, Feb 7, 2015. Known as a flat and fast course. www.tejastrails.com

:: Jed Smith 50-Miler, Sacramento, CA, February 7, 2015. 40-percent paved, 60-percent dirt road; 3.31-mile certified loop. www.chipsrunning.com/jed-smith-ultras

:: American River 50-Mile Endurance Run, Sacramento, CA, April 4, 2015. Great point-to-point course. 24 miles paved bike path, 26 miles singletrack. www.ar50mile.com

:: Mt. Hood 50, Clackamas Lake, OR, July TBD, 2015. This race has more vertical gain the others, but it's a great single-track course to Timberline Lodge and back. www.mthood50.com

:: Le Grizz Ultramarathon, Hungry Horse, MT, October 11, 2014. Beautiful point-to-point on lots of logging roads. www.cheetahherders.com/LeGrizz.html

:: JFK 50 Mile, Boonsboro, MD, November 22, 2014. The oldest ultramarathon in the country—enough said. www.jfk50mile.org

:: Pineland Farms 50, New Gloucester, ME, May TBD, 2015. 25-kilometer, off-road roller coaster on XC trails through forests and across pastoral, working farmland. www.pinelandfarms.com

:: Finger Lakes Fifty, Hector, NY, July TBD, 2015. Watch out for cowpies as you run multiple loops through forest trails, roads and pastures. www.fingerlakesrunners.org


Essential Hydration and Nutrition Tips

Practice race-day nutrition during every training long run.

  • Drink often, aiming for 14 to 28 ounces per hours.
  • Set a watch alarm to remind you to eat a gel every 20 to 30 minutes—yes, that's 200 to 300 calories per hour. That's what it takes!
  • Eat early and often. Stay on top of it. If you bottom out early, it's a long and hard road back from Bonktown.
  • You will need to replenish electrolytes (pill, tablet or liquid) so find a product that works for you.
  • Don't assume the gels and food the race provides will work for you; test them in training.


Get on the Program

Week Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun Total mileage
1 Build 1 Rest 6 MP 3.5 7 E Rest XT 15 LR 31
2 Build 2 Rest 3 MP 5 NS 6 E Rest 3 MP 17 LR 34
3 Build 3 Rest 8 MP 4.5 3 E 3 E Rest 20 LR 38
4 Recover Rest 8 MP 7 NS 6 E Rest XT 12 LR 33
  • MP: Last Marathon Pace
  • E: Easy (Heart-rate zones I & II)
  • S: Speed Work (Intervals up to 1 Mile @ mile pace); All Speed Work is optional.
  • NS: Negative Split Run (Out-and-back course; easy out, hard back)
  • XT: Cross Train (or REST, depending on how you feel)
  • LR: Long Run


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