Got Cramps?

Avoid painful race- and training-ending muscle spasms

In high school, I was leading a cross-country race, with a pack of runners from another school right off my shoulder. ...

Injuries and Treatment

Roll Into Trail Shape

Inline Skating is back and you should be doing it


Stop Sacrificing Sleep

Why a few extra hours really matter

Injuries and Treatment

Developing a Training Plan Part IV: Lifestyle

The key elements of a successful training plan are just like the corner pieces of a jigsaw puzzle—find them and it’s easier to fill in the rest.


Get Your Best Shot

Trail-running photography tips

Trail Tips

Developing a Training Plan Part III: Consistency

“Practice makes perfect” goes the old adage. If you want to be good at something, you have to commit your time and energy to it in order to adapt and thus experience improvement.

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