Your Guide to Running Safely in the Backcountry

These basic precautions will help you stay safe during long trail adventures (sponsored by Osprey)

Trail Tips

The 5-Minute Leg Circuit for Mountain-Running Strength

Use these exercises to improve climbing strength and downhill resilience

Injuries and Treatment

Creatively Desperate Ways to Train While Traveling

Trail runners share their most imperfect workouts

Trail Tips

How Much Mileage Should You Run?

Tailoring your training volume to race distances and performance goals

Training Plans

How Runners Are Training for the Barkley Marathons

100 miles, 66,000 feet of climbing—how do you even train for that? We asked a few athletes to find out.

Featured Races

Want to Run Fast? Learn to Run Easy

How to use easy miles for aerobic breakthroughs

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