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In my quest for a coach, I considered several options, both local and online. I didn’t need a warm-and-fuzzy cheerleading type, as much as I needed a technical, precise coach to fine tune my training.

Ultimately, I chose someone whose advice I’ve been following in Trail Runner’s pages for several years: Matt Hart. Now that I have a plan and know my coach will check up on me, I’m running more and feeling extra motivated. I’m also doing some things I’ve never tried before, such as sets of strides at the end of an easy run. My schedule calls for strength and flexibility exercises that have shaken up my old routine of pushups and situps, and I’m getting feedback on nutrition and race performance. My phone buzzes with texts such as, “2 recent races and some niggles means a recovery week.”

Trail running coaches—who needs ’em? I guess I do after all.


This story originally appeared in our October 2013 issue.


Sarah Lavender Smith runs the trails near her home in the San Francisco Bay Area. She blogs about training and travel at TheRunnersTrip.com.


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