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Ticks Invade the Trails

How to treat and prevent tick bites

This spring’s unseasonably warm weather across the United States ...


Photo by James Gathan - American Dog Tick

This spring’s unseasonably warm weather across the United States has been a boon for trail running and … the tick population.

You’ve probably plucked these creepy crawlers off your shoe or pried them—sometimes en masse—off your legs after cutting through bushes or tall grass. You may have even found them embedded in your armpit or behind your ear hours after you’ve run and showered. Unfortunately, the risk posed by these blood-sucking parasites runs deeper than giving you the creeps and an itchy bite: they can host and transmit a number of nasty illnesses.

Says Dr. Bobbi Pritt, an expert in clinical pathology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, “We have already started detecting multiple cases of tick-borne illness around the U.S. including Lyme disease, babesiosis and anaplasmosis.”

Case study
Tick-borne illnesses can put a major cramp in your running, something elite trail runner Dusty Olson of Duluth, Minnesota, knows too well. He located and removed a tick from himself during a run in July 2010 and began feeling soreness in his neck and heaviness in his ankles a few weeks later.


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