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Competitive Scene

The Ups and Downs of Trail-Championship Racing

Fast-paced action in the Transvulcania Ultramarathon, Canary Islands, Spain, part of the competitive Skyrunner World Series.

Every year there seems to be a new race or series claiming to be the trail running championship. With that list growing over the past 10 years, there’s now a glut of events promoted by everyone from domestic to international governing bodies, from brands to individual race organizers. What’s a trail runner to make of it all?

Perhaps the takeaway is that we have a natural urge to compete and watch others do the same. It’s all the more exciting when the best of the best face off against one another in a championship. One of the beauties of our quaint sport is that back-of-the- packers toe the same line as top contenders, something you don’t see in many other sports.

Fortunately for us, the American trail-running calendar has championships from 5K to 100 miles. If there’s not enough variety among individual championship races to keep you interested, championship series have sprung up to crown the best contenders over a season.


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