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Training Tips from the Leadville Podium - Page 5

Outside of the race, any tips on things to explore around Leadville?

Dylan: Breakfast at the Golden Burro on Harrison Street! Also, I'd recommend staying in Twin Lakes, down the road from Leadville proper. It's one of the most beautiful places in the state and allows you to stay clear of the nervous and sometimes overwhelming energy of downtown Leadville when you should be relaxing before the race.

Ashley A: I love Leadville. It has a unique, quirky culture. There is an awesome coffeeshop there and down the road in Buena Vista, too. Explore the trails up on Independence Pass.

Neal: Breakfast joints the morning after the race fill up quickly. Consider making a reservation, if possible.

Liza: If you have kids, or like fish stuff, you should definitely go to the Fish Hatchery and then hike the trails around it. Bring quarters to buy food to feed the fish in the pond for hours of kid entertainment. I always follow Hatchery time with a pizza at High Mountain Pies on 4th Street.

Duncan: Take advantage of being near some of the highest peaks in the USA and head up Mount Elbert and Mount Massive. Truly awesome! If you’re looking for a short/flat training run, get out on course and run the Turquoise Lake Trail from the dam. Otherwise, make sure to grab a cup of coffee from City on a Hill Coffee.

Ashley N: We loved the pizza place there [High Mountain Pies]. We also explored surrounding areas like Camp Hale, the Colorado Trail and Twin Lakes. The fickle weather—especially the afternoon thunderstorms—made camping challenging. Have lots of layers available.

Tina: City on the Hill for great coffee and to hang out! I would recommend a quick drive over Independence Pass to Aspen, if you have an extra day.

Nick: The main attraction around Leadville is the Sawatch Range. Go out and explore.

Zeke: Golden Burro for post-race meal!

Ryan: Enjoy the many coffee shops and restaurants on the main street. Ride a bike up Mosquito Pass. Visit Twin lakes or Mount Elbert. There are so many rad towns near Leadville.


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