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The Dipsea is a Race for All Ages - Page 2


Flight of Fire Half Marathon
Jorge Mejia of Las Vegas, won the Flight of Fire Half Marathon in the Red Rock Canyon outside his hometown Saturday, crossing the line in 1:48:55. He finished 20 seconds ahead of Andrew Brown of Gold River, California, who clocked a 1:49:15, and over seven minutes ahead of third-place Doug Robinson of Indianapolis, who finished in 1:56:34.

In the women’s race, Keena Delay of Henderson, Nevada, won in 2:21:47, good for 14th overall. Paula Raimondi, also of Henderson, was second (17th overall) in 2:30:15, and Kelley Koehler of Santa Fe, New Mexico, was third (19th overall) in 2:31:34.

Complete results can be found here.

Lake Youngs Ultra
Joe Gray’s course record of 2:52:59, set last year, remained well intact at the 28.8-mile Lake Youngs Ultra in Renton, Washington, Saturday. Ryan McKnight of Bothell, Washington, won the race in 3:52:09, just over a minute ahead of runner-up Jason McArdel of Renton, Washington, who clocked a 3:53:24. Robert Bondurant of Chimacum, Washington, finished third in 4:08:09.

Christel Elliot of Tacoma, Washington, won the women’s race and placed 10th overall in 4:25:23, less than a minute ahead of runner-up (11th overall) Kathleen King of Kent, Washington, who crossed the line in 4:26:08. Una-Melodie Miller of Langley, British Columbia, finished third (15th overall) in 4:29:47.

Complete results, plus results for the 19.2-mile and 9.6-mile races, can be found here.

Indian/Celina Challenge
David Eckhardt of Newburgh, Indiana, won the Indian/Celina Challenge marathon in 3:46:01 Saturday in Hoosier National Forest, Northern Indiana. He was over 24 minutes ahead of runner-up Doug Ambler of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, who clocked a 4:10:25. Evansville, Indiana's Daniel Shirley was third in 4:20:22.

In the women’s race, Cynthia Heady of Finchville, Kentucky, won and placed fourth overall in 4:25:55, just over two minutes ahead of second-place Michelle Lenahan of Evansville, Indiana, who was fifth overall in 4:28:10. Roanoke, Virginia's Kristin Hunt was third (ninth overall) in 4:39:12.

In the half marathon, Lamar, Indiana's Cody Stein won in 1:30:44, just under seven minutes ahead of runner-up Greg Fraze of Velpen, Indiana, who finished in 1:37:43. Tell City, Indiana's Jason Sprinkle was third in 1:38:54. Janna Hendrix of Owensboro, Kentucky, was first in the women’s division and 16th overall in 1:52:51, besting second place (and 18th overall) Andrea Goldman of Richland, Indiana, by almost two and a half minutes (Goldman clocked a 1:55:19). Leah Hoffherr of Evansville, Indiana, finished third among women and 22nd overall in 1:56:35.

“It’s a punishing course that requires patience and determination,” says Race Director Chris Hollinden, who also noted registration is capped at 150 because the race is in a remote location. “Getting to aid stations is a nightmare.”

Complete results, including results for the eight-mile race, can be found here.


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