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Garett Graubins Wednesday, 28 December 2011 07:52 TWEET COMMENTS 0

Chasing Immortality - Page 5

Yet, somehow, nearly half of solo Death Racers (47 percent) ran, shuffled or limped, across the hallowed finish line in downtown Grande Cache.

There was 41-year-old Jack Cook, who was the first solo Death Racer to get here— his third title. Cook, from Edmonton, passed fellow World 100K Championships teammate Darin Bentley on the final leg, and at the finish collapsed to his knees. Then there was Duncan Cairns, 39, of Calgary, the last finisher of the 2008 race, albeit after the 24-hour cut-off. Asked to recall his best memory from the race, Cairns replied, "Standing here."

Fast or slow, official or unofficial, a Death Race finish is cause to celebrate. Post race, the beer poured freely at Rockies Bar & Grill, the victory party host. Several other racers toasted Molsons at the campground. Near and far, runners reveled in their defiance. They defied the mountains. They defied their inner demons. And, in some ways, they defied Death—until they sign up to do it all again next year.

Garett Graubins is former Senior Editor of Trail Runner.


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