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Jade Belzberg Wednesday, 23 April 2014 07:56 TWEET COMMENTS 213

10 Quirky Summer Trail Races (+ Win NATHAN pack!) - Page 10

10. Try Running “Off-the-Grid”

Photo by Rob Beaudry of Fineline photography, courtesy of Run Off the Grid.

Boasting itself as Northern Ontario’s “longest, toughest and most remote trail run,” this race runs through creek crossings, gravel pits, rocky sections and a sand dune. Held at the end of summer, the autumn colors of the Laurentian Mountains can be seen in the distance. Says one runner, “I haven’t been that dirty and intentionally gone in mud holes that deep since I was a kid … what a rejuvenating feeling!” Finishers receive hand-crafted medallions, while first-place male and female winners receive hand-carved wood trophies.


These are only a small sampling of the 150 North American races in the 10th Annual Trail Runner Trophy Series. Check out the full calendar here!


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