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Jade Belzberg Wednesday, 23 April 2014 07:56 TWEET COMMENTS 213

10 Quirky Summer Trail Races (+ Win NATHAN pack!) - Page 2

2. Try "Heli-Running"

Photos by Raven Eye Photography

Touting itself as the “first race of its kind in the world,” this dare-devil two-person team marathon or solo half-marathon race includes running to a mountain lake and back–and then getting on a helicopter. If done as a relay, Team Member #1 will run from the heliport to the lake and fly out by helicopter, while Team Member #2 will helicopter to the lake and then run to the heliport. Partnering with Icefields Helicopter, every participant, including solo runners, no matter their time, will have the chance to take a six-minute helicopter ride during their race. Friends and family can even purchase a helicopter flight during the race and watch their runners from above!


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