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What Mud Can Do - Page 2

Photo by Matthew Reitman - Founders of Hope for Hope, Daniel Reitman and Chipeng Liang, jump into a mud pit during the October 20th tough mudder.


“We’re giving people an even playing field by allowing strength to actually play a factor,” says Rogers. “So the endurance athletes don’t always have the upper hand.”

The goal of CMC is to allow civilians to run alongside military in one day of competition. Rogers and his co-founder, Matt Keller, have done marathons, triathlons and other athletic events to raise money for different military charities.

CMC raises money for Heroes of Tomorrow and Operation Homefront. Heroes of Tomorrow is a program that hires veterans to offer free training to future recruits to prepare physically before they serve our country. Operation Homefront offers services for military personnel on their return home, including transitional housing, auto-repair and financial assistance.

“We wanted to focus on the military in a way no other races had,” says Rogers. “So, before and after. That was our goal.”

The race allows runners to try their hand at 20 to 30 military obstacles throughout the five miles.

“My favorite thing about CMC is when a person overcomes a fear, whether it be the pit or the course itself,” says Rogers.

When the runners finally pull themselves up, or get pushed up the vertical 12-foot wall, they turn around and offer a helping hand to the next person. These racers are doing more than just helping each other finish. They are also helping charities worldwide.


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