Video: Skyrunning, Past and Present

The often extreme form of mountain running through the eyes of past pioneers and current champions


Trails In Motion 3: Coming to a Theater Near You?

The international trail-running film tour will hold events throughout the U.S. and Canada in October and November


USSSA to Hold First Snowshoe Marathon Championships

The snowshoeing association will add a 26.2-mile event to its 10K and half-marathon


Why More Trail Runners Should Race Obstacle Courses

Veteran trail runner Max King discusses the crossover between trail running and obstacle-course racing


Montana Trio Completes "Crown Traverse" From Missoula to Banff

Mike Wolfe, Mike Foote and Steven Gnam covered more than 500 exposed, rugged miles in Montana and Canada


11 Inspiring Short Films About Trail Running

Need a little extra motivation to hit the trails? These gritty, beautiful films have you covered.

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