Video: TNF Endurance Challenge - Ontario

July 12, 2014: The North Face Endurance Challenge - Ontario, Canada (Blue Mountain Resort)


21 Questions with Anton Krupicka

Speaking out on high mileage, injury lessons and the future of the sport


Why Trail Runners Should Love Evan Jager

Trail runners? Love a 3,000-meter runner? From Algonquin, Illinois? That just ain’t right. At a graceful 140 pounds, the cleanshaven Evan Jager, 25, would look like a baby next to Rob Krar and his grisly mane. Karl Meltzer was slugging beer before Jager was born.


100 Miles High

Darcy Africa and her epic battle in the grueling, spectacular 2013 Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run



Kilian, Krar and Krupicka Kill It

Skyrunning World Championships, Western States 100 and TNF Lavaredo Ultra Trail video highlights


Spirit Runner

Inspiration from the streets (and trails) of San Francisco

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