HURT, Barkley, Hardrock, UTMB: Jamil Coury and the "Slam of the Damned"

Running 4 of the world’s most notorious 100-milers in a single year


Video: Attempting an 800-Mile Run in the Oregon Desert

Christof Teuscher takes on the remote Oregon Desert Trail


Thru-Hiker Sets New Unsupported Record for Appalachian Trail

Heather Anderson bested the previous record by four days


Trail Runner Seeks Advertising Manager

Come work for a leading outdoor publication in beautiful Carbondale, Colorado



Video: Surfing and Trail Running, Made for Each Other

Elite trail runner Ryan Sandes reflects on the similarities between his twin passions



Andrew Hamilton Crushes Nolan’s 14 Record—And Does It Unsupported

The impressive feat comes less than three months after Hamilton set the Colorado 14ers record

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