Raven's Way

Robert “Raven” Kraft has run almost 15,000 consecutive days—40 years—on the same stretch of Miami beach and inspired a cult following


Video: Outrunning the Sun

Five teams of runners try to circle Europe's highest peak between sunup and sundown


Video: Trail Running Above the Fjords

A tour of Norway’s spectacular high country


Scott Jurek Sets New Speed Record on Appalachian Trail

The champion ultrarunner finished with three hours to spare


15-Year Record on Colorado’s 14ers Falls

Andrew Hamilton, Denver native and stay-at-home dad, climbs 58 14,000-foot peaks in less than 10 days


Trail Running and Tenkara Fishing: A New Way to Explore the Backcountry

Take an ultralight rod on your next jaunt into the mountains, and you'll see your favorite trails in a whole new way

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