A Trail-Running Treasure Hunt

An introduction to the sport of rogaining, cross-country running's take on the scavenger hunt


The Marathon Monks of Mount Hiei

These spiritual athletes redefine the term “ultrarunner”


Reality Check

Chucking life, if only once a year

Last Gasp

Born to Run Originals: McConaughey Great Choice to Bring Bestseller to Big Screen

Barefoot Ted, Luis Escobar and Caballo Blanco's girlfriend Maria Walton reflect on news that Matthew McConaughey will be cast in upcoming Born to Run film


“Keep Calm, Run Strong and Jester On”

Ed “The Jester” Ettinghausen runs 40 100-milers in full jester costume


The Trouble With Being Good

Is that it’s not as much fun

Last Gasp
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