Video: A Tough Race in the Wilds of Eastern Tennessee

The upcoming Thunder Rock 100 takes place in a setting that's "almost a rainforest"


A War Vet, Finding Solace on Trails, Shares His Story on the Screen

Behind the making of "The Last Time I Heard True Silence"


The Fastest Trail Runner You’ve Never Heard Of

New Hampshire's Tristan Williams isn't on Strava, runs with an analog watch and puts up some crazy-good times


Coming Soon to Your Living Room: A Virtual Version of the Western States Course

Using Google Trekker, a team of trail runners plans to capture panoramic imagery from the iconic trail


Video: Darcy Piceu and the Hardrock 100

Following a champion runner around the beautiful mountain course


Runner Dies During Ultra Fiord 100 in Patagonia

Two other runners rescued after three days on the mountain; race organization is mired in controversy over what went wrong

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