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Karl Meltzer Unplugged - Page 4

Do you need more recovery time since hitting the big 4-0?

Maybe a little bit but not much. I attribute that to just knowing how to go about it, by being patient and really listening to my body. I don't run through ricketyness and pain after a race. I come back slowly if need be. I feel the age thing more during winter months when it's cold; during summer when it's toasty outside, my body is lubed pretty well.

Do you do any cross training?

No, I drink beer.

What is your favorite beer?

The brown kind.

Sports team?

I don't watch sports teams. To me it's extremely boring to watch football, basketball, baseball, the mainstream sports. I watch a lot of golf, maybe track during the summer, skiing during winter, if anything. Many people may think it’s boring to watch golf, but I am a pretty good golfer, so to me, every shot is different and I understand how hard it is. It is my retirement sport for sure.

When are you going back for the Appalachian Trail record?

In the future, that's all I know now. I wish I could do it next year. I would blow off the Grand Slam and Western if I could get the support I want … which is one person to scumbag it with me the whole way.

So, what's with the gloves? Readers want to know.

When I crash, I don't ruin my hands. I can carry two gels in each glove, so they are functional that way too. The next time you crash and have a flapper hanging off your hand, let me know how that feels.

What do you listen to on your headphones?

A mixture of jam bands. My favorite? The Dead—who else?

Part of your winter training the past couple of years has been creating a luge run in the Wasatch Mountains (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMJwheDCLRQ). What's top speed on it?

Maybe 20 miles per hour after the roller. It’s epic and will be better again this year.

What can we expect with the Speedgoat 50K next year?

The course will be the same. The only change I'd like to see is more prize money. It should be a World Skyrunning race, but that's not confirmed. If it is, great; if not, doesn’t matter. There will still be Ultragen, pizza and beer for all at the end, along with lots of $100 bills.

Are you able to support yourself from your sponsorships and coaching? Any more bartending?

I will never wait on anyone in the restaurant business again. Yeah, I can support myself with coaching and running. I don't need much, and I'm not getting rich, but my life is good financially. Work to live; don't live to work.



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