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Corrine Malcolm, the Multitasker - Page 4

What are your long-term goals—biathlon and otherwise?

We have the winter games in 2014, and, for us, that’s right around the corner. It’s anyone’s game so I’m hoping to be there. I’m the youngest on the team right now, so 2014 would be great and 2018 will hopefully be my Olympics. I’m in it through 2018 for sure and then I’ll reevaluate to see if I want to go through another Olympic cycle or go year by year.

In the meantime, I’d love to go to the World Mountain Running Championships. I don’t think it’s out of the question, but I don’t know … I might go out and get my butt kicked! Then the summer after the 2014 games, I’d like to do the Gore-Tex TransRockies run as part of a co-ed team. That’s on the short-term bucket list.

But I would love to do the Vermont 50-miler in addition to some even longer stuff. I don’t do a lot of road races because, for me, running trails kind of levels the playing field. I run technical stuff a lot better. Ultimately, though, my life is dictated by my coaches and trail stuff is easier to pass by them.


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