A Shot in the Dark

A brush with death and return to the trails

Just one foot in front of the other," I tell myself. I had repeated this mantra on Sunday, August 21, 2005, as I started the Pikes Peak ...


Going Down Easy

Keeping pace with journalist and trail runner Jim Kravets

Jim Kravets is easy going. He makes all the going seem easy, even if he's running up and down rocky trails in the pitch dark ...


The Casual Champion

Superlatives and mixed opinions chase Karl Meltzer. His response? "Whatever, man."

I'm on my way to spend time with the most prolific mountain ultrarunner in the sport's history. ...


Cave Man

Scientist and wanna-be astronaut Jut Wynne makes time for trails

J.Judson "Jut" Wynne is often crawling on his belly, rappelling into deep holes or squeezing through rock passages ...


It's Never Sane with James

Rainshadow Running events lure you in with beer, bluegrass and longer-than-advertised races

To know James Varner is to know his donkey-like laugh. To know one of the 12 Washington- and Oregon-based trail races that ...


Toward the Rising Sun

Shaun Martin keeps running tradition alive in the Navajo Nation

The Arizona wind swirls dust around us and the trail-side bushes quiver with sleepy snakes just waking up for spring ...

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