Run For Ella

The author steps on trails after a four-month hiatus and walks away with a new perspective.



Jornet Takes Trail Running to Extreme on Mont Blanc

The Catalonian Kilian Jornet, 25, one of the world's best endurance runners, has speed soloed the long, technical and exposed Innominata (1,000m D V+)


Into The Woods: Henry David Thoreau would have made an excellent trail runner

"Just feel the flow of the trail." -- Kurt Decker, trail runner extraordinaire


Trail Runners vs. Road Runners

It’s not unusual to see cross over between trail runners and road runners.  More and more road runners are looking for new adventure on the trails ...


Comeback Game

Positivity will get you through

I was 19 miles into my 25-mile "welcome-to-the-season race" and a steep, mile-long hill loomed ahead ...


The Wisdom of Hippie Dan

And how I ran my first ultra, the 1994 Minnesota Voyageur 50-Miler

An excerpt from the forthcoming book by Scott Jurek with with Steve Friedman

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