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Bare Buns - Page 4


However, race directors do take precautions to protect the anonymity of racers. “It is awkward for some people to go into work on Monday morning and have everyone know about the nude race you ran,” says Williams. Horn only records the first name and last initials of runners in race results, while the Butts don’t publish results at all. Runners are asked to refrain from using cameras and to respect the privacy of others. “Racers understand once they abuse the privilege of running a nude race, such as posting pictures of anyone else, the event might be cancelled for good,” says Horn.


Since Wreck Beach is on public lands and accessible to media, Williams offers runners the option of wearing a red wristband, which signifies they don’t want their photo taken, and the media is asked to respect them. Voyeuristic photographers (clothed non-runners who show up to snap shots pre-race) are asked not so nicely to scram, or strip themselves.

Balls to the Wall

Where do I put my number? What about chafing? Is it going to hurt? Race directors have heard it all.

As for the race number, it probably won’t be the only thing flapping around. “I’ve pinned it on a hat or put it on a string and tied it around my waist,” says Dunham. Other events use Sharpies to write numbers on arms or legs.

As a practical matter, the latest trend among well-endowed women is to wrap “the girls” in saran wrap to minimize bouncing. Shoes are usually encouraged, along with hats, sunscreen and sunglasses.


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