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01/10/15 Dirty Snowflake Prediction Run 4M  Peninsula, OH
01/10/15 Grant Park 8M  Centerville, OH
01/11/15 Rocks and Roots Trail Series 1 10K 20K 30K 40K 50K  Lewis Center, OH
01/24/15 Chicken Noodle Fat Azz 50k 50K  Germantown, OH
02/08/15 Dirty Love 10K  Willoughby Hills, OH
02/08/15 Rocks and Roots Trail Series 2 10K 20K 30K 40K 50K  Lewis Center, OH
02/21/15 Caesar Creek Stage Race 14M 16M  Waynesville, OH
02/21/15 Frosty Trail Race 14M  Harveysburg, OH
02/22/15 Caesar Creek Stage Race #2 15M  Harveysburg, OH
02/22/15 Harveysburg 15 15M  Harveysburg, OH
03/07/15 Green Jewel Trail Run & Relay 50K  Bekcsville, OH
03/14/15 Seamus O'Possum's Thirty Kilometer Footrace 10M 30K  Delaware, OH
03/22/15 Germantown 10M  Germantown, OH
03/29/15 Fools Run 25K 50K  Peninsula, OH
04/04/15 Iron Furnace Trail Run 4.5M 13.1M  McArthur, OH
04/11/15 Forget The PR, Mohican 25K and 50K 25K 50K  Loudonville, OH
04/12/15 Towpath Half Marathon 5M 13.1M  Cleveland, OH
04/18/15 Twin Creek 10K  Germantown, OH
05/02/15 O24-Outrun 24 Hour Trail Run 24H  Kirtland, OH
05/02/15 OWBC Redbud Trail Challenge 10K  Summerfield, OH
05/05/15 George Rogers Clark Park Trail Run 10K  Enon, OH
05/09/15 Cleveland Trail Marathon 26.2M 50K  Willoughby Hills, OH
05/09/15 Salt Fork Spring Fling 10.4M  Lore City, OH
05/16/15 Playin' Possum 50K Trail Run 50K  Delaware, OH
05/16/15 Tie Dye Trail Run 50K  Dayton, OH
05/16/15 Tye-Dye 25K 50K  Yellow Spring, OH
05/16/15 Warrior Dash - Millfield 5K  Millfield, OH
06/03/15 Sugarcreek Trail Run 5M 25K 50K  Bellbrook, OH
06/06/15 Another Dam Run 50K  Englewood, OH
06/07/15 Great Human Race 5K  Cincinnati, OH
06/13/15 Cheddar Challenge 5K  Yellow Springs, OH
06/20/15 Mohican Trail 100 Mile 26.2M 50M 100M  Loudonville, OH
06/21/15 Towpath Ten Ten 10K 10M  Valley View, OH
06/27/15 Dawg Gone Long Run 50M 50M  Waynesville, OH
07/08/15 Carriage Hill 5K  Huber Heights, OH
07/25/15 Burning River Endurance Run 100M  Cuyahoga Falls, OH
08/04/15 Possum Creek 5K  Germantown, OH
08/08/15 Warrior Dash Ohio II 3.21M  North Lawrence, OH
08/15/15 Buffalo Trail Run 10K 13.1M 26.2M  Galloway, OH
08/19/15 Miles For Missions 5K 10K  Maumee, OH
09/12/15 Stillwater Trail Run 7M  Covington, OH
09/13/15 Oak Openings Stampede 5K 25K 50K  Swanton, OH
09/17/15 Summer Squatch 10K 10K  Lewis Center, OH
09/19/15 Hocking Hills Indian Run 5K 10K 20K 40K 60K  Logan, OH
09/26/15 Germantown 50K 50K  Germantown, OH
10/03/15 The Barkcamp Race 13.1M 26.2M  Belmont, OH
10/11/15 Towpath Marathon 10K 13.1M 26.2M  Peninsula, OH
10/17/15 Chippewa Creek Trail Challenge 10M  Brecksville, OH
10/25/15 Stone Steps Trail Run 27K 50K  Cincinnati, OH
11/01/15 Bobcat Trail Marathon 26.2M  Glouster, OH
11/01/15 Narrows 10K  Xenia, OH
11/14/15 Fuzzy Fandango 5K 8.5M 25K 50K  Perrysville, OH
11/14/15 Salt Fork Trail Challenge 10.4M  Lore City, OH
11/15/15 After the PKs 10K  Van Buren, OH
11/15/15 Sugar Bush Trail Race 5K 10K  Oxford, OH
11/21/15 Horseshoe Hill Climb 5K 10K 20K 30K  Zanesfield, OH
12/05/15 Bigfoot Trail Run 10M 50K  Lore City, OH
12/19/15 Winter Solstice Trail Run 10M  Yellow Springs, OH