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01/25/14 Winter Night Trail Marathon 6.55M 13.1M 26.2M  Indianapolis, IN
01/25/14 Winter Trail Marathon Full/Half/Quarter 6.55M 13.1M 26.2M  Indianapolis, IN
02/02/14 Groundhog Day Trail Race 5K  Westville, IN
03/01/14 Bound the Mound 5K 10K 13.1M  Evansville, IN
03/15/14 DINO Trail Run Series - Mounds 5K 15K  Anderson, IN
04/05/14 DINO Trail Run Series - Eagle Creek 5K 15K  Indianapolis, IN
04/26/14 DINO Trail Run Series - Town Run Trail 5K 15K  Indianapolis, IN
04/26/14 Indiana Trail 100 50M 100M  Albion, IN
04/26/14 Spartan Race - Indiana 3M  Laurel, IN
05/10/14 Dances With Dirt Gnaw Bone 10K 13.1M 26.2M 50K 50R 50M  Nashville, IN
05/10/14 MISSION Adventure Race 4H 18H  Versailles, IN
05/31/14 DINO Trail Run Series - Brown County 5K 15K  Nashville, IN
05/31/14 Torrent Trail Run 5K  Huntington, IN
06/07/14 Rock & Run 5K  Spencer, IN
06/13/14 Howl at the Moon Night Trail Run 5K 10K  Evansville, IN
06/15/14 Father's Day Run 4 Trails 5K  Fort Wayne, IN
06/22/14 Waterfall Trail Run 5K 10K  Lagro, IN
07/05/14 DINO Challenge 10k Trail Run - Muscatatuck County 10K  North Vernon, IN
07/06/14 Jennie Hamilton Memorial 5 Miler 5M  Hebron, IN
07/26/14 Brad Krick Memorial Race for Awareness 5K  West Lafayette, IN
08/02/14 Eagle Creek Trail Marathon 6.55M 13.1M 26.2M  Indianapolis, IN
08/02/14 Nobleman Trail Run 5K 10K  Albion, IN
08/23/14 DINO Trail Run Series- Southwestway 5K 15K  Indianapolis, IN
09/06/14 Warrior Dash - Crawfordsville 5K  Crawfordsville, IN
09/13/14 Bigfoot 5k 5K  Westville, IN
09/20/14 Mash the Creek 5.5K 10K  North Liberty, IN
09/21/14 Honest Abe Trail Run 14K 26.2M  Lincoln City, IN
09/27/14 Red Wolf Rampage 5K 10K  Rising Sun, IN
10/05/14 Salamander Sprint Trail Run 5K 10K  Fort Wayne, IN
10/11/14 DINO Trail Run Series - France 5K 15K  Logansport, IN
10/11/14 Ultimate Hike Tecumseh Trail 30M  Nashville, IN
10/18/14 St Pat's 24 Hour 6H 12H 24H  South Bend, IN
11/08/14 DINO Trail Run Series - McCormicks Creek 5K 15K  Spencer, IN
11/08/14 Red Tail Trail Run/Hike K 10K 15K  Muncie, IN
11/29/14 Turkey Recovery 5K 5M  Laporte, In
12/06/14 Tecumseh Trail Marathon 5M 26.2M  Bloomington, IN
12/27/14 The HUFF 50K Trail Run 10.5M 50K 50R  Albion, IN
01/17/15 Viking Winter Dash 5K 15K  Muncie, IN