Zero Tolerance

Face the challenge of running gluten free

Imagine a world where there are no puffy post-run bagels. Or what if you were suddenly banned from your favorite cereal ...

Daily Nutrition

Eat to Run for Life

Fight back the years with good nutrition

Daily Nutrition

Homegrown Gels

Ask the Coach

I'm interested in ditching pre-packaged electrolyte-replacement products in favor of homemade gels ...


Caffeine Dosage

Ask the Coach

I don't drink coffee in the morning, but like my caffeine. I take a 200-milligram caffeine supplement prior to my runs ...

Race-Day Nutrition

Keeping the Glass Half Full

Improve performance with proper hydration and electrolyte replenishment

Most runners realize that staying hydrated is paramount to success in longer events, but how much ...


Avoid the Dreaded Black Toenail

Ask the Coach

As my runs extend beyond 10 miles, I find that I have started to get ...

Foot Care
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