Keeping the Glass Half Full

Improve performance with proper hydration and electrolyte replenishment

Most runners realize that staying hydrated is paramount to success in longer events, but how much ...


Avoid the Dreaded Black Toenail

Ask the Coach

As my runs extend beyond 10 miles, I find that I have started to get ...


Caveman Approved

Is the Paleo Diet right for runners?

Dr. Loren Cordain challenged a colleague, suggesting that a diet akin to our Paleolithic ancestors' is better. ...


Sugar Shock

Before you chug down another sports drink, learn the not-so-sweet truth about sugar

Are you high? If you're like most U.S. citizens the answer is likely yes. According to conservative USDA estimates, ...


Race Weight

I'm having a problem with refueling when I'm running a lot of miles. When training for my last race ...


Morning Glory

Put new twists on your favorite power-breakfast foods

If there was ever a group of individuals who should shun a low-carb diet, it is trail runners. ...

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