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Ticks Invade the Trails - Page 2

“Then I was running the Voyageur [50-Mile in Carlton, Minnesota] and started getting goose bumps. Pictures of me during the race showed that my skin was red-tinted,” says Olson. “The morning after a race I can usually move around fine or even go for a run, but this time I could barely lift my feet off the ground.”

Olson came down with a 102-degree fever that lasted several weeks. Despite initial doctor’s visits yielding no answers, his condition worsened: his left hand swelled, pain in his lower spine rendered him unable to bend over and he was unable to work. Finally, he visited a different doctor who diagnosed him with Lyme disease and prescribed antibiotics.

“I ended up seeing six different doctors and didn’t come off of antibiotics until June 2011,” he says. “And I still have some lingering symptoms.”
Photo by James Gathan - Lyme Disease rash


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