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Keeping the Glass Half Full - Page 4

Electrolytes: MODERATE

Hydration: HIGH Hydration: OK Hydration: LOW
Condition: Condition: Condition:
Overhydrated Proper hydration and electrolyte balance Dehydration
Likelihood: Moderate Likelihood: Common Likelihood: Common
Symptoms: Symptoms: Symptoms:
→Weight is up a few pounds or more →Weight is stable or slightly down →Weight is down a few pounds or more
→Wrists and hands are probably puffy →Stomach is fine: food acceptance is normal →Thirst is high, and salty foods taste normal
→Stomach is queasy →Mouth is normal—can spit; skin is normal →Mouth is dry; food acceptance is poor
→Thirst is low, and salty foods taste normal →Urination is normal →Skin is dry and may tent if pinched
→Mouth is moist—can spit →May feel dizzy, confused
→May have cramping
Causes: Fluid intake in excess of needs Causes:Proper water and electrolyte intake Causes:Insufficient fluid intake
What to do: Drink only to wet mouth until weight is near normal. What to do: Continue with hydration and electrolyte practice unless conditions change. What to do: Drink sports drink with electrolytes, or water.


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