Weight Station

Is running the perfect activity for weight loss and control?

In a recent Australian survey, 58 percent of runners listed weight control as their fourth primary reason for running. Indeed, common opinion ...

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A Fine Balance

How pH balance affects your health and athletic performance

The adage goes, you are what you eat. But what does it really mean? Is someone who eats fresh fruit ...

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Zero Tolerance

Face the challenge of running gluten free

Imagine a world where there are no puffy post-run bagels. Or what if you were suddenly banned from your favorite cereal ...

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Eat to Run for Life

Fight back the years with good nutrition

Daily Nutrition

Caveman Approved

Is the Paleo Diet right for runners?

Dr. Loren Cordain challenged a colleague, suggesting that a diet akin to our Paleolithic ancestors' is better. ...

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Sugar Shock

Before you chug down another sports drink, learn the not-so-sweet truth about sugar

Are you high? If you're like most U.S. citizens the answer is likely yes. According to conservative USDA estimates, ...

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