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Swift Skort
$80 | icebreaker.com

/ The Dirt /
With both the liner shorts and skirt made from cozy merino wool (that is machine washable!), this skirt was a quick favorite of testers tired of the usual tech wear. While the wool liner shorts feel buttery soft against the skin, they ride up considerably on runs more than a few miles long.
/ Rave /
Because wool does not tend to hold odors like synthetics do, it transitions well between running and other activities, said one tester, “The Swift is definitely something you can run in, and then just wear around for errands.”
/ Rant /
Though Icebreaker designed the full-length slit on one side to promote freedom of movement, most testers found that it tended to flap awkwardly open. The side zip pocket also left gels or other stashed items banging uncomfortably against testers’ legs.
/ Tester-Monial /
“This could be a go-to if the shorts stayed put better and the slit didn’t provide so much visibility.”


Rim Skort

$95 | ibex.com

/ The Dirt /
Made in the USA of imported fabrics, this merino-wool skirt feels incredible against the skin, and transitions well between cool runs and warm weather. A touch of nylon adds comfortable stretch and boosts durability. The zippered pocket at back hip easily stores gels, keys or a small media player.
/ Rave /
Said one tester, “With a straight-down design (no slit or ruching), the skirt provides maximum coverage and stays put in windy conditions.”
/ Rant /
Though the liner shorts, which have no elastic or silicone grippers at the hems, stayed in place while walking or running slowly on flat terrain, hills and speed tended to wreak havoc, causing them to ride up a great deal.
/ Tester-Monial /
“I would recommend this for someone making the transition to wearing skirts, as it provides coverage, is comfortable, cute and makes me want to go run!”


EXO S-Lab TwinSkin Skort

$140 | salomon.com

/ The Dirt /
This skirt blends the femininity of a featherlight over-skirt with Salomon’s EXO muscle support and compression technology in the liner shorts. It’s no wonder this skirt has graced trail-running podiums throughout the world. Stretchy gel pockets at the back waist accommodate gels or a phone.
/ Rave /
Testers praised everything from the precise fit of the supportive liner shorts to the overall appearance—eye-catching, but in an “I’m-about-to-run-up-a-mountain” sort of way, rather than an “I’m-on-my-way-to-cheerleading-practice” sort of way.
/ Rant /
On the liner shorts, some of the silver dye in the honeycomb pattern smeared after a few runs, quickly dirtying the white fabric.
/ Tester-Monial /
“This skirt is clearly made for the competitive athlete who needs a non-frivolous skirt that will get the job done.”



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