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Light, Lighter, Lighest - Page 4


Getting Lighter
We arrive at our designated campsite, which is east of Chesler Park and on the edge of the dangerous-during-storms drainage, just as evening shadows swallow it whole. Lickety split, we set up the tent on a flat swath of red sandstone one hundred vertical feet above the wash’s sandy bottom.


We have an hour of daylight and an “X” marks the spot on our map where we should find the spring. We combine an outing to Druid Arch with fetching water, feeling even lighter as we leave our packs behind at camp.

The trail isn’t really a trail, more an obstacle course over slickrock steeps requiring the use of all four appendages, around sharp shrubs and through energy-sapping sand. We find Druid Arch, a sky-high ring of rock through which a giantess could slide her finger. It’s a beauty, but we move on, chasing sunset to our water source.

Once in a while the rock wall blocking the sun breaks, illuminating the small canyon with blinding, orange light that warms my arms and legs. Soon, we locate the spring, a tiny faucet of crystal-y water trickling out of the rocky edge of a drainage, and fill our container.


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