Home of Lance ... and Great Trails

Austin, Texas

Go if you like accessing challenging in-town trails and, within a short drive, expansive wilderness adventures. ...


Hit the Oregon Trails

Ashland, Oregon

Go if you're equally fanatic about trail running and the Bard. Ashland has hosted the Oregon Shakespeare Festival ...


From Sea to Summit

Running wild in Big Sur, California

Curving south out of Carmel, California, on Highway One, I put the pedal to the metal on my car loaded with two trail runners, a dog ...


Mountains Meet the Desert

Tucson, Arizona

Go if you want to run in a desert surrounded with views of the Tucson, Santa Catalina, Rincon, Tortolita and Santa Rita ...


Linking Labrinths

Running Through Southeast Arizona's Wonderland of Rocks

Gearing up in a brisk wind at the Echo Canyon Trailhead (6780 feet) in the Chiricahua Mountains, we armored up ...


Praising Arizona

Gleaning the Essence of Fastpacking

As my boyfriend, Andrew Charnock, a couple of friends and I crested the day's last craggy hill ...

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