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Chad Denning runs the Oak Hill trails in Hanover, New Hampshire, home to the STOAKED trail race. Photo by Joe Viger.


Feel the Vibe

It’s not just the running that reminds Denning of the West. “The vibe in the Upper Valley is the East’s closest thing to being out West,” he says.

That means plenty of places to celebrate post run, including the Long Trail Brewery in Bridgewater, Vermont, just west of Woodstock. Harpoon has a brewery in Windsor, and a number of microbreweries operate in the area as well. In fact, Vermont has the most microbreweries per capita of any state, and New Hampshire isn’t far behind.

The Upper Valley also seems to have a high per capita population of trail runners—and they all have their favorite local runs. In fact, talk to anyone in the area and there’s a good chance they’ll say that easy access to trails is a big reason they live there.

Lyall, for example, graduated from Dartmouth College, in Hanover, New Hampshire, in 1970, and four years later returned to the area for good, in no small part because of the landscape. If he has his way, he’ll start to see more runners finding their way to trails in the Upper Valley—and perhaps losing their way once they do.


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