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No More Gels - Page 2

$2.50 per bag, $24 per 12-pack box

Fed up with “synthetic energy bars and gels” and heavily processed pre-packaged recovery snacks, Tim Schlitzer and Jerry Amabile founded TRY Chips, an “Action Snack” company that produces all-natural freeze-dried fruit, spice and tea snacks.

Red apples are used as the base ingredient of each 100-calorie bag, because of their quercetin content, which researchers have found to increase performance capacity. Plus, each serving is rich in antioxidants, thanks to acai berry, pomegranate, maqui berry and green tea.

The snack bags are designed to be enjoyed post run because the small, crunchy fruit pieces are difficult to eat while running. We liked them so much, though, that we pulled out the slightly larger banana slices, and chomped on them mid-run, saving the rest of the goodies for later. One tester however, complained that even though he liked the flavors, the chips were too dry, which made them hard to down on the go.

Good news is on the horizon: This spring, TRY CHIPS is rolling out smaller runner-friendly bags of freeze-dried bananas and kiwis.


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