Nobody Looks for you in Mexico

A road trip through central Mexico sends two longtime friends on a quest for volcano summits, rabbits, mescal and the shared meaning of death and running.



The Queenstown Dream

Beta on the trail-runner's paradise of New Zealand's South Island

The feeling was instantaneous, an epiphanic jolt so profound that it nearly stopped me dead in my tracks ...


The UTMB Fun Run

The mid-race cancellation of the 2010 UTMB had runners scrambling for cover from the storm, for beer and for the start of the next day's consolation race. But did it count? ...


Rolling Around in Southern England's South Downs

Around Beachy Head and Brighton, bucolic trail running in the UK's newest National Park

The grass underfoot is so springy and close-cropped that I feel like I'm running on a putting green. ...