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Q&A with Pretzel City Sport's Ron Horn

Why run trail races at night?

I was looking to direct something more gonzo. A lot of our members [of the Pagoda Pacers] had run ultras that required you to run all night and it sounded like a heck of a good time. A few years ago, we debuted the Dark and Dirty.

Why "Pretzel City Sports?"

We have five or six major pretzel manufacturers here in Reading, so in June 1996, Pretzel City Sports was born along with our logo, "Events with a twist."

What do you think has caused the rapid growth in trail racing?

It is the type of running we did as kids, with varied stride lengths and lots of adventure. I never run a trail course and fail to see something new. I consider trail runners the "Grateful Dead followers" of the running community. They are there for the entire experience, not just for the race itself.

What's PCS's 2011 focus?

We are working on growing our Bouncing Buns Clothing Optional 7K Trail race this year. In 2010 we had 56 people, 80 percent of which were in some state of undress.

What is your favorite race?

The Mount Penn Mudfest 15K. It is the first one I created, and has so many funny aspects--the margarita stop, the raw egg run, the hidden Easter eggs along the trail. With a cap of 825 runners it remains, in it's 17th year, the third largest trail run in the United States and the largest east of Pikes Peak.


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